KIIROO Onyx+ Interactive Teledildonic Male Masturbator

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Key Features

3 Modes

Interactive Mode, Manual Mode and Automatic Mode. Whether you want a one-to-one connection or an interactive experience with your favorite webcam star or immersive erotic content, we have you covered.


Soft-touch coating for an extremely tight and comfortable grip.

Vibration Level Adjustment

Intense Thrusting

USB Rechargable

100% Waterproof

Body Safe Material

1 Year Warranty


  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Package includes: 1 x Onyx+, 1 x user's manual, 1 x USB charging cable, 1 x storage pouch

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Beatrice Daisy
The operation is relatively simple

The operation is relatively simple, and it is really much more useful than ordinary ones. There are several modes to use, and the material inside this treasure is a very good soft glue. Specifically, as you slowly enter, you will feel the squeezing of particles of all sizes in the wrinkles, which makes you dream of it. It is very enjoyable, and once you experience it, you will know that it is extremely comfortable.

Beatrice Hazel
It has a particularly strong suction when used

It has a very attractive and wrapped feel when used, and the tightening mode design is very good. The heating is very good, and the workmanship is very good. When used, the effect of this is also very real. The material is very soft and delicate, and it is also very elastic. Compared to before, when used with Su clothing, it can also exercise time while keeping it confidential. Overall, I am very satisfied with the confidential shipment

Alice Virginia
A review that took several times to post

The review I posted after using it a few times is like opening the door to a new world! As described to the shop owner, we will also repurchase and try other options. The details are really great, and I experienced a different kind of pleasure. The express delivery is also fast, and the design is also quite obedient. There are no other cups that are easy to use. The biggest advantage is still the price. I will also recommend it to friends. The size inside is also suitable. I will come back again when I need it next time!

Beatrice Rita
Private shipment

Private shipping, very comfortable to hold in hand, with a strong sense of vibration. There are many different ways to play, and the stick head is very large. With several speed adjustments, it quickly rises to a higher level. I can't do without it anymore. The cost-effectiveness is high, and each frequency can bring me a different sense of block. The vibration is very strong, and playing is very enjoyable and comfortable. I just called out, and my inner desire was instantly satisfied,

Alice Vicky
I accidentally saw this retractable cup online

I accidentally saw this retractable cup online and wanted to buy it to try. Hey! Not to mention, it can really give me a big surprise after use. It's really frustrating to use, not to mention it's a bit overwhelming. It's all simulated by Chinese people and very user-friendly. This is too exciting to play with

Luo Yaqi
Recommend a product with such a high cost performance ratio to everyone

I recommend a product with such a high cost performance ratio to everyone. The quality of the product is unknown. The material used is very good, and there is no taste. The design is simple, grand and powerful. I compared many brands, but I chose this one. It's really right. The products are so awesome! The packaging is very good, absolute privacy and confidentiality, and the gifts given are particularly thoughtful and useful

Han Yuxin
The feeling of playing is very exciting

The feeling of playing is very exciting. I think this product is quite suitable for me. I already like using this. The modes are relatively advanced. It's even more exciting than my previous mode. I am quite satisfied with using this now. The quality is really good, very durable, and it has been used for so long without any problems

Tang Xinyi
I have to admire that the current technology is really powerful

I have to admire the current technology, which is really powerful. It can actually create a suction effect on the inverted mold without any odor. After cleaning it once, it emits the floral fragrance of shower gel. The walls on both sides will be squeezed and there is a deep suction feeling. When retreating, it is the source of pressure on both sides, and the bottom is sucking. Before using it, add a little more lubricating oil. The quality of the product is much better than what I used before

Alice Stacey
My wife is pregnant

My wife is pregnant, and my good friend helped me choose this cup to meet my needs. After checking, it was found to be genuine and I was really satisfied after receiving it. I have never used this type of cup with a small particle design before

Alice Shirley
The appearance of the product is very attractive in everything

The appearance of the product is very beautiful, and it really meets my expectations. After use, cleaning is also very simple. I was really satisfied with this shopping experience. Very user-friendly! Don't worry when you receive the goods, the store keeps the shipment confidential. Buying it can be reassuring. The functions and everything else are too strong. The attitude of this store is good. The cost-effectiveness is really high.