Nobu Fetish Handcuffs - Red/Gold

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Spice up your morning, afternoon, or night! Introducing Nobü's Fetish's Luxury Handcuffs Set, suitable for whatever your fantasies may be. This restraint set is adjustable, and has comfortably padded cuffs with the zipper edge detail! Let yourselves loose - or NOT - with this exquisite Handcuff set!


  • Manufacturer: Bodispa
  • Brand: Nobu Fetish
  • Color(s): Red/Gold
  • Material(s): Leatherette, Metal
  • Dimensions: Chain Length: 6 inches, Cuff Width: 2.25 inches, Adjustable Cuff Diameter: 1.5-3 inches

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews
Kama Beryl
Playing a few times feels like

After playing a few times, I feel that the quality is still good and the cost-effectiveness is high. Overall, it is very good. The cotton wool inside the handcuffs protects the position of the hands, ankles, and ankles very well, and it can be used for a long time. It is very simple and convenient to use. The products are very complete, with various styles available, adding to our ordinary life and adding fun. It is a must-have item

Jacqueline Chloe
I really love being

I really like the feeling of being trained by my husband. Since buying this treasure, my husband has practiced the tying technique of the rope in advance, tying my hands and feet, and feeling the excitement of wearing an eye mask. It feels like I really like playing too much. It really adds a lot of fun to the gameplay

Every prop is very powerful

Every prop is very practical, Gaga is good, customer service attitude is very good, and express delivery is not bad. I hope the boss's business is getting better and better!!! When I first started playing, I was a bit uncomfortable, but when it started to feel good, I forgot everything. There are various styles and materials that are skin friendly, suitable for playing with objects at night, adding a touch of atmosphere to our dull life. Recommended, so comfortable

Second time purchase, no

Buying it for the second time, there was nothing bad about it. It happened to be the Chinese New Year, and my husband took me and a few friends on a trip. I really experienced the extreme feeling mentioned above. Blinding my eyes is something that no one knows, and I can't resist. Every day is a surprise, and I will choose other colors after the New Year. I am grateful for the toy provided by the store, which has increased our relationship

I've always wanted to buy it

I have always wanted to buy it, but I am quite shy. This time, I finally got what I wanted, and the experience was still very good. There was no discomfort when I put it on, and the position of my hands, ankles, and ankles was well protected. When I tried it, I had a lot of strength, haha, but couldn't pull it. The quality was really good, and the key was that after tightening it, she had little room for struggle and was at my mercy

Baby is very easy to use

Baby is easy to use and equipped with all kinds of equipment. It's very conquering when tied up. The whip doesn't hurt when hit. Wearing a mouth ball eye mask, it's really exciting and awesome to play. Besides, the suit has various styles, which are soft, comfortable, smell free, and of good quality. Wearing it is very crisp and comfortable. Couple life has become more emotional, buying it is very cost-effective

I originally wanted to give it a try

I originally wanted to give it a try, but unfortunately I never had the chance. This SM kit has many and complete options, and the belt can also be used with other components to play in many different positions. Each gameplay is very fresh, and she has been conquered without damaging her skin. She can play in different ways, bringing a different experience. It's fun to use, very satisfied!

I feel like I have chosen

I feel that I chose this set correctly, and I feel that this thing does have a certain purpose, especially the small prop that is very good. After using it with my girlfriend, I feel that it is very good. It is quite interesting to wear it with my eyes. The pain of the leather racket is still there, and the small accessories of the cross buckle are very exquisite!!

A complete set of equipment,

A complete set of equipment, various styles complete, soft and comfortable, odorless, will not strangle or harm the skin when worn, and the handcuffs are soft. With this set of toys, new fun has come. When it feels great, I forget everything. There are really many styles, and the materials are skin friendly. They are suitable for playing with our partners at night, adding a touch to our mundane life.

I couldn't force it as soon as I received it

I just received it and couldn't wait to play with my husband. The product quality is excellent, it's hard to break free, but the quality of the merchant is really amazing! It's very thick and not too clumsy, the quality is very sturdy!! I really like this feeling!!