Shots Ouch Adjustable Leather Handcuffs - Pink

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Looking for a handcuff with handle that is made to play hard with? Look no further. The Adjustable Leather Handcuffs with Handle of Ouch! are comfortable but incredibly secure and have quality leather straps with soft fabric on the outside. With straps for the cuffs adjusting the size is a breeze and fits almost any wrist. Because of the handle you can easily hold on to your partner from behind.


  • Manufacturer: Shots Toys
  • Brand: Ouch!
  • Color(s): Black, Pink
  • Material(s): Leather
  • Features: Phthalate free

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Mia Cook
My husband suddenly felt like he was coming

My husband suddenly felt like he was here. Sure enough, a man is a visual animal. He looked at it and felt a new flavor. Wearing it in the kitchen was not a problem, and it was also very comfortable. He really likes to touch his wife. She is so beautiful and praised you ten thousand times. You look amazing, and I can't buy enough. The quality of the products is very good. We used them very vigorously, but they didn't stop. Moreover, the plush texture is smooth, making the originally monotonous night particularly interesting

Brooklynn Myers
My husband said that sexual life is too peaceful and dull

My husband said that sexual life is too peaceful and boring, and I want to pursue excitement. I bought this and didn't disappoint him. It can indeed increase the interest between husband and wife and maintain the relationship

Ava Alexander
The confidentiality work of express delivery is very good

The confidentiality work of express delivery is very good, and it is completely impossible to see that the logistics are fast and the quality is very good, which adds a lot of atmosphere to our ordinary life

Julia Jenkins
Actually, a complete set of props is completely sufficient

In fact, a complete set of props is completely sufficient. We don't understand if it's genuine leather, but the hardware and leather have a good texture. The price is very satisfactory and acceptable

Audrey Parker
Since I bought it

Since I bought it, we have been playing different tricks every day. Now, I have gained a lot of insights into sex and unlocked many new positions. I really like it

Paisley Patterson
Same as the picture

Just like the picture, the effect is impressive, and I had a great time playing with Meizhi. The quality is very solid. Suitable for couples to play together, and the confidentiality work is done well

Elena Torres

Surprise confidential shipping, and this bundle is very reliable and sturdy. The length and size can also be adjusted. The main thing is that the area that binds the wrists and ankles is not at all bad. It's great to have fun with your hands, feet, and daughter-in-law

Laila Gonzalez
True stimulation

It's really exciting. At first, my girlfriend pretended not to like rejection, but after tying it up, my mom mainly asked me to change various postures. It's too crazy, and the texture is excellent.

Lucy Edwards
My wife and I both like to play some thrilling games

My wife and I both like to play some thrilling games. After buying this SM prop, I really enjoyed playing it, hahaha. The material used is very bookish, and the quality is also quite satisfactory. It's exciting and fun to play. I really like it

Ruth Brooks
I've always wanted to buy it

I've always wanted to buy it, but I'm quite shy. This time, I finally got what I wanted. The experience was still very good, and there was no discomfort when I put it on. Overall, it was very comfortable, with good protection for the position of my hands, ankles, and ankles. I have a lot of strength and can't even pull it. It should be used for a long time, and the quality is still very good. After tightening it, there is basically no room for struggle, which is good and good.