Galaku Aurora App Control Interactive Sucking Male Masturbator Cup

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Key Features

360° Throat Pleasure

With its multiple vibrating and sucking stimulation, this oral sex toy engulfs and kiss your glans gently like your partner's sexy mouth. It inhales deeply and exhale slowly to simulate the squeezing feeling from the throat in a sexy mouth you never experienced.

Body-Safe TPE Material

10 Vibration frequencies + Suck + One button burst.


  • Materials: TPE + ABS
  • Battery capacity: 500mA.
  • Using time: Up to 1.5 hrs
  • Vibration modes: 10 vibration frequencies
  • Waterproof: Lite waterproof
  • Noise: ≤ 60 dB
  • Package includes: 1 x aurora masturbation cup

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Beatrice Viola
Unlock Your Sensual Paradise with This 3-in-1 Male Pleasure Marvel!

As someone always on the lookout for innovative adult toys, I was intrigued by the promises. Let me tell you, it absolutely lives up to the hype! This versatile gadget isn't just a one-trick pony; it's a triple threat with its sucking, licking, and rotating modes. The LED display makes it easy to navigate through the seven different sensations, each more exhilarating than the last.

What sets this toy apart is its dual water spa massage feature. The combination of warm and cold water creates an electrifying experience, enhancing sensitivity and delivering mind-blowing endings. And let's not forget about its pump enlargement training capability - a discreet yet effective way to improve stamina and performance.

Moreover, the USB rechargeable function ensures uni

Rachel Johnson 2931
WOWZA WOOF WOOF AWOOGAA! (good review) (REAL) (not clickbait) (gone wrong?) (gone SEXUAL?!)

When I bought this product I wasn't expecting much out of it but WOWEE I was wrong. The suction power was unreal and exceeded my expectations, I'm talkin' black hole levels of suction if you set it on the right mode. The vibrations could also go a lot stronger than anticipated and were better than I could've imagined. However, there are a couple of drawbacks worth mentioning. Firstly, the charger is a little dumb; I thought I was gonna be a micro-USB or smthn, but its actually a small magnetic charger that's easy to knock out of charging. Secondly, the noise level is notable; so if you have roommates or something just be cautions about that. Overall, despite these minor issues, I think its a damn good product. would recommend.

Emma Davis 7965
Fun for Pleasure

Great toy for maximum pleasure. Highly recommend.

Alexia Betsy
The devise does everything it says and more

Item arrived on time and in a plain box for privacy. I opened it immediately and charged it up for use. After a quick charge i gave it a shot and my favorite part is how warm the warming feature makes the inside. Feels soooo good and then there were so many different variations of actions and speeds i was almost overwelmed. Battery life was unbelievable easy to use and makes me feel oh so good. Price is right so give it a try and see for yourself. You wont be disappointed for sure.

Alice Delia
Really fun!

This is definitely a fun toy and if your looking for an experience this is the toy for you! So this toy helps get you in the mood with moaning noises. Non of my other toys have that feature. The vibration speeds are good and have variety. I really enjoy this toy.

Frank Walker 1587
A mixed experience, but there's some fun to be had here!

I do wish that this product was a little bit better, but overall I will say that I did have fun with this. The suction of it is decent, and by that I mean the way it works on your male member. It's suction base works very well. I used this in the shower, and it easily stuck to my shower wall. The power of it is mid at best. Vibrations and "suction" leaves something to be desired. It might depend on what size you are to be honest. I'm slightly smaller, and it didn't grasp me as much as I would have liked. Maybe I didn't see it, but having the ability to adjust the opening bigger or smaller on this would have been nice. It's not bad overall though!

Beatrice Florence
Upgraded Automatic Moaning Sucking Male Masturbator

The Upgraded Automatic Moaning Sucking Male Masturbator is undeniably advanced and packed with features, but alas, it fell short in size for my needs. Despite this setback, I must commend its innovative design, app control functionality, and the array of vibration, suction, and squeeze options. While it may not have been the perfect fit for me, I believe it could still provide immense pleasure for others. A word of caution to those considering this product: double-check the size compatibility before purchase.

Katherine Jones 4327

I mean I honestly used it twice then put it down. It's fun but the suction on it is pretty aggressive. Idk I'm not a big guy but not tiny either. Little bit on the smaller side 5 3/4-6 when really turned on. I am petite though that might be why it sucks hard lol. Wish there was a sensual mode to imitate a luscious experience. Would be nice to add a warming button? Idk. It was kind of hard sticking it in at first but once in you can play around with setting to your liking. Would give 5 stars if it warmed and could adjust severity of sucking mode. Maybe not to tight as well? Other than that it was fun.

in stereo

The action and pleasure derived from this sex toy is spectacular. the suction and stroke are impeccable. and the stroke is out of this world. and it comes with verbal motivation of different intensities

Beatrice Doris
Works as expected and I love it!!

Starting from the package it was very elegant and discret, the size and shape is very comfortable to handle, the buttons are easy to push, and the sound is quiet compared with many others I have used. it's really a great product.