Lifestyles Sweet Bare Rider Condoms - Strawberry Pack of 3

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Key Features

Thinner latex for improved sensation and a flared head for ultimate comfort

Ultimate comfort made from premium-quality latex

Super sensitive feel, almost like wearing nothing at all

Extra thin, lubricated, and made out of latex


Lifestyles Sweet Rider Latex Condoms 3 package.

Specially strawberry flavored lubricant for extra excitement. The flavored lubricant adds extra flavor to condoms. Flared shape for added head room and comfort. 3 condoms per box.

For contraception and STIs protection. 100% electronically tested. Latex condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy, HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Caution this products contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

Lifestyles "Sweet Rider" Strawberry Condoms 🍓 | 3-Pack


Essential Info

  • Features: Lubricated, Extra thin
  • Form: Condom
  • Material: Latex
  • Quantity: 3 ct

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Beatrice Ethel
I don't know how many times it was repurchased

I don't know how many times it has been repurchased, but it's still better to keep going.

Jin Yuchen
I didn't expect this product to work so well

I didn't expect this product to work so well, with a delay of half an hour, and now it's even better. I am quite satisfied with it myself. The packaging is quite good and convenient to use. I have always trusted this, and the products are quite good. I am very satisfied with a delayed and long-lasting set from this brand. A pretty good product. This has a better effect than others. I recommend this delay case, which is well deserved. It has a good touch and is also very resilient

Yan Yating
Never before has the distance between the two been so close

Never before has the distance between the two been so close, especially comfortable and exciting to play. I love using this tt with my wife the most, it won't fall off at all. At least we are quite satisfied with it now. The item is very good and the quality of the confidential shipment is very good. It has been repurchased several times, and it is good. It's very powerful and thin, and the key is that it can be delayed. We thought it might have fallen off at the time. It's a good brand item, and the size fits me well. I didn't expect it to be so comfortable when I first used it

Cao Siyu
Indeed resilient

Indeed resilient, I didn't expect this condom to be so powerful! Have a great time! This condom was introduced to me by my brother. As soon as I received the goods, I pulled my wife to send them. At that time, my wife was stunned and couldn't believe it. I'm so happy to see my wife's expression! Full of conquering desire. This condom is really nice! With this condom, it's not tiring to go up to the third floor in one breath. This type of condom is very suitable

Zhang Zihao
I really like this brand of condoms

I really like this brand of condom. It's just the right size to wear, just like not wearing it, with ultra-thin and zero distance contact. It feels long-lasting, oily and moisturizing, and the key is that it is also very sturdy. The cost-effectiveness is acceptable. It has been checked and found to be genuine. It's really a couple. The ultra-thin couple wearing it feels like they haven't worn it yet, and it also has a long-lasting effect. It's a blessing between them. The size is just right, and the toughness and touch are both good

Xu Yaqi
It's really tactile too

It's really tactile and has good resilience. I heard a friend say it's great! After using it with my wife, I fell in love with this tt and there's no need to worry about getting pregnant. With it, I can do my best to play. It's very comfortable to use. Buying in the store is cost-effective and of the same quality. More realistic! This kind of tt is super easy to use, and it also extends the shijian. I didn't expect it to be so comfortable when I used it for the first time

You Yuchen
Recommended by a friend to buy

Recommended by a friend to buy, I discussed it with my wife after work and tried it out. I didn't expect her to get more and more interested. Fortunately, I have this long-lasting tt. It perfectly reflects my masculine demeanor. The packaging is concealed, especially user-friendly, and trustworthy. Sure enough, this kind of big brand product is quite good. It's a good brand, and now it has become a loyal customer, haha

Qin Sirui
I really like it

I really like it, the quality is very good. My brother said that this tt is quite good. At first, he tried it with a try mentality, but who knew that after using it once, he would always take the initiative to bring this tt with him. Hahaha, the birthday gift I bought for my friend was quite nice, and there was also a small box, very exquisite. This tt needs to be more useful, just like not using tt, it is indeed genuine. No side effects

Han Yuxin
Thinner than other products

It's thinner than other products. I bought several packages and tried each one, which can significantly last. This tt is really great to play, and both my wife and I really like it. This big brand can be trusted, always use this product, rest assured. Long lasting tt, with a better feeling! There's still a lot to worry about, so there's no need to worry about SJ anymore. The effect is so good

Shen Siyu
Using ultra-thin material is like not using it

As useless as it is, we finally bought a TT that we both like. It is wear-resistant and will not break. It is slippery to use, and the delay is just a touch with her. It's really good to take it with. The effect is also very good. It's very abrasive. It's very slippery and feels more awesome. The package I bought is cost-effective. I checked and it is genuine