Durex Invisible Ulta Thin Condom - Box of 3

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Key Features

Designed for a close and comfortable fit

Condoms are lubricated for a smooth experience

Heighten your intimacy with a barely-there feel

Transparent natural rubber latex with no unpleasant scent


Durex AIR condoms are ultra thin, designed to maximize sensitivity, and still give a high level of security and protection. Air condoms are lubricated and teat-ended for a more comfortable and pleasurable experience. Every single one is packed the right way up for simple, fumble-free usage. These nearly see-through condoms are made from the finest raw materials. Each condom is tested 5X for durability and strength.

  • ULTRA THIN: Air condoms are the thinnest developed by Durex while providing a high level of protection against STI’s and pregnancy
  • TRANSPARENT: Ultra thin, lubricated and nearly see through; these condoms are made from premium quality, natural rubber latex
  • WORLD’S #1 CONDOM BRAND: Durex is the world's #1 condom brand* trusted over 90 years
  • DUREX QUALITY: Each Durex condom for men is 100 percent electronically tested for strength, flexibility and reliability and features a pleasant scent


Essential Info

  • Features: Lubricated
  • Form: Condom
  • Material: Latex
  • Quantity: 3 ct

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
DK river
Not bad

Not bad

Darkmane seat
Scared to use.

I understand the idea behind this but because they are so thin, its one of those things you'd just know is not going to work unless you double it up and make yourself uncomfortable.
I'd still use these since I have them, but probably wouldn't purchase.

DC dangerous
Ok Condoms

These condoms run a little on the small side.
They are thin, but a little fragile.
Price is reasonable. The box comes with 36 units at about 0.54 cents a piece.

Mrs. ChaCha Lou
Worked as expected

These worked like I expected, nothing great or noteworthy.

Trelakopela blue
Like them so far. Barely any lubrication

These are hardly lubricated at all - which for me is fine. I'm puddle maker lol

Saul montilla road
Indeed quite thin

These Durex Air condoms are billed as the thinnest ones made by Durex... and I can attest that they are indeed quite thin, and very noticeably thinner than "normal" ones. They seem to be very strong and durable despite being so thin. The size of these would not seem unusual when comparing to any other condom, but if I had to say I feel like these are a bit smaller/tighter than ones I am used to. I think if your biggest concern is how thin it is, these are ones that are worth a try, and Durex is a trustworthy brand that makes quality products. After trying these, my personal preference lies with a different brand/variety that just feels better to me despite not being as thin, but there's nothing wrong with this one it is just personal preference.

Your Best Source For Unbiased Reviews! Jia
Durable, no idea what people are talking about- they ARE on the smaller side tough.

SO the two complaints I have are that they have a bad rubber smell and also that they're on the smaller side. For some that might not be an issue as the average erect penis is about 5 to 6 inches. I fall past that category and because of that- these are a bit small for me. That being said- I love to test things so you guys don't have to! I'm in a committed relationship of 13 years and don't NEED condoms but when these popped up and I saw some fake looking 1 star reviews with bogus claims of a condom breaking and sending them to an ER (why?!)- I had to grab some and test them for you!

byudancechick Du
Not for the "larger" sizes.

Not a bad product. Just not quite big enough for "larger" sizes.

Naor h. beam
Good but not enough

Its ok

Good things are always recommended

The condom is generally good, but I don't think it's thin enough and skin-to-skin enough