Skins Aqua Water Based Lubricant - 5 ml Foil

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Key Features

Water based lube gel that is the perfect compliment for sex and all your sex toys

Level up your sex by applying a touch of Skins Aqua to your latex condom and enjoy a worry-free experience

The perfect companion for vaginal, anal sex and oral sex

Simply reactive your lube with just a few drops of water


Natural feeling, extra-long-lasting Water-based Lubricant for natural intimacy. Designed specifically to enhance the pleasure and comfort of intimacy.

Skins Aqua is the most natural feeling water-based lubricant you can find. Skins Aqua has been formulated to such a high standard that it has already been approved as a FDA510K medical device so you can rest assured you are using the very best.

The closest you'll come to natural... Clear, odorless and water-based. Gentle, non-staining and fragrance free. Silky smooth and long lasting. Latex and toy friendly. Hypoallergenic. Water based lubricants do not stain, are safe for use with latex and all barrier birth control methods, and rarely cause irritation.

While they can dry out during extended sex, water-based lubes are quickly revived with a spritz of water or a little saliva. Because of their versatility and effectiveness, water-based lubes are the form of lube recommended most often by experienced couples. New ReAquav8 Technology - all Skins water-based lubricants have the ability to reactivate themselves with just a few drops of water. So, you can enjoy natural feeling, silky smooth sex for longer.

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Essential Info

  • Lubricant Features: Condom-safe
  • Lubricant Type: Water-based
  • Volume: 5 ml

Customer Reviews

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Alice Muriel
I didn't expect the effect to be good

I didn't expect the effect to be good, and the price was also affordable. It's not an exaggeration to say that it's usually used for making protective products. However, protective products are so expensive. When I saw her buy them before, she bought them for thousands of yuan. Looking at me, it hurts me very much. It feels like the money was brought by a strong wind, but now it's good. With this, protective products are used less and the effect has been achieved

Kris Cen567
Smooth after applying it

After applying it, it feels slippery and the backyard involuntarily relaxes. It feels very comfortable to come in and do it. The backyard specific lubricant is really different from ordinary lubricants, and it will come back again after use

Kimball more than123
It can be easily cleaned clean after each use

After each use, it can be easily cleaned clean and tidy. As I age, I feel less interested. I bought this refreshing and lubricating product, which is very effective and brings back my previous feeling. My face is rosy and it's worth buying! Since I used it for my wife, I haven't had that dry feeling anymore. It's great, and now it's the third bottle. It absorbs quickly and the effect is quite good

Karen Mu456
Every time before doing it, I have to put some on it

Before each use, it needs to be applied a little bit. It's a big bottle, enough for a long time. During use, it doesn't feel dry at all, and it's very lubricating. It's really amazing.

Beatrice Harriet
Every time you use it, you need to use the cake tide peptide

Every time you use it, you need to use cake peptides to make it feel more enjoyable. Use it with great enthusiasm. The quality is still acceptable. There is no very stimulating feeling.

Kirstie Time123
I worked on it for a whole hour

After working on it for a whole hour, she was sweating profusely, breathing incessantly, holding me tightly. It was clear that she finally satisfied her that time. She was so satisfied that she couldn't even get along with her girlfriend. It worked very well for me, and the lubrication time was indeed quite long. It was not good, it was really not wrong. It was really better to use it, and it was very affordable to buy with the set meal.

Alice Deborah
I didn't expect it to be a transparent liquid

I didn't expect it to be a transparent liquid. When playing with this lubricating oil, the liquid is very gentle. After applying it, it will be cool and not very irritating. After playing, there is no need to clean it and it will not stick. Now every time I use this lubricating oil, it is very comfortable to play with. Since using this lubricating oil, the problem of dryness has been perfectly solved. The safe one is good to use

Kingston Luo890
I'm getting older

As I get older, the lower part is getting drier and drier, so I can only rely on external forces. After using this lubricant, I don't need so much foreplay anymore and feel much more comfortable

Alice Ursula
It is lubricated every time it is used

Every time I use it, it is always lubricated. I also think this lubricating oil is so easy to use. Just a little bit is enough, and the amount is sufficient. This can enhance the block feeling, and I really like it. There is no oil like that, it can be used by both men and women, which is quite comfortable. I checked and it is genuine. It can indeed solve the problem of dryness! So we are all quite satisfied. It's also very convenient to clean after use. Rinse it yourself and it won't have any side effects. Big brands just feel at ease ??

M??nica bear567
Follow up on reviews after trial

After trying it out, it's great to follow up on reviews. It's a great activity to participate in when buying, especially cost-effective. The brand is still quite good. I will continue to buy in the future if needed, and I must give a good review. I hope to do more activities in the future. The things are very smooth to use and protect women's private parts. I have had a dry and astringent child before, which is used for both the method and the maintenance of moisture. After using it, my body is also very comfortable, and it will no longer be dry and difficult to enter