Shots Ouch Furry Pleasure Handcuffs - Red

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Play around and lock up your lover with these great and naughty Pleasure Handcuffs. The  locking mechanism has a quick release button in case you lose both keys.


  • Manufacturer: Shots Toys
  • Brand: Ouch!
  • Color(s): Black, Red
  • Material(s): Metal, Faux Fur
  • Features: Phthalate free

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
Alexia Renata
Quality assurance, trustworthy!

I really like the whip inside. It feels good when used, but my friends don't like it too painful. It works just right and is suitable for light flavors. You can also wear an eye mask to play, the unknown feeling is very exciting. A set of more than ten pieces, all styles are available, and how to play it is very crispy. ??

Xiao Tianjiao 827
Excellent performance, stable and reliable!

Baby, that's great! The material inside the handcuffs is very bookish, and there's no problem wearing them for a long time. The whip has a very good feel and texture, which feels particularly exciting. Overall, it's a great set with a complete range of types and good quality. It's very exciting and fun to play!

Luo Bowen 780
Energy saving, environmental protection, safety and reliability!

I really like this thing, it satisfies my quirks. Hahaha, it's a complete set of tools, and there are also many interesting little Wanyi styles available

Alexia Violet
Fast speed and outstanding efficiency!

I finally got it and used it as soon as it arrived. I didn't feel cramped or painful the first time I tied it up. It was very fun. I liked the feeling and it was exciting to play with. The props were quite good. I played several times and it was so exciting that I screamed out loud. My partner was even more willing to try different shameful positions. If I didn't do it, I wouldn't let go. The delivery speed was very fast

Alice Candice
Value for money, superior quality!

It's very exciting, the quality is better than expected, and the firmness and firmness are both good.

Alexia Kristin
Fast and efficient!

Just rely on it to add freshness to love~

Alice Cathy
Stable performance and durability!

Magical attachment+firmly clamped, Mu Gou cannot break free, very satisfied with the quality

Alice Gill
Excellent taste and first-class taste!

Start training the dog! The shipment was fast, and we were able to use it in time. The packaging privacy was well done, and we will come back to you next time to buy equipment from my little dog

Jia Siyuan 594
Easy to operate and master!

I'm really satisfied with this one. The props inside are rich and colorful, and can be combined with different gameplay. You can also switch roles to play, which is really exciting and brings a different sense of freshness to life. I recommend it

Alice Lauren
Easy to operate and quick to get started!

It's very astringent, very shameful, and when I put it on, I feel a sensation