We-Vibe Tango X Powerful Mini Bullet Vibrator

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Key Features

Ergonomic and Compact

Tango X’s sleek design and easy-grip handle lets you comfortably keep pleasure in the palm of your hand. Slim enough for partner play and powerful enough for solo sessions, Tango X has you covered.

8 Intensity Levels & 7 Vibration Modes

Explore 8 intensity levels and 7 versatile vibration patterns. We-Vibe Tango X will always keep you or your partner on your toes.

Vibration Level Adjustment

Intense Vibration

USB Rechargable

100% Waterproof

Body Safe Material

2 Year Warranty


  • Materials: Body-safe silicone
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Package includes: 1 x Tango X, 1 x User’s manual, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Storage bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Beatrice Hermosa
Receive the goods

Received goods with water cleaning, the whole body waterproof, use up health quality is very good, a variety of styles have a variety of experience, worth trying!

Alexia Victoria
Received that night

Received that night and his wife to play up, too comfortable, completely can not stop, feel that she became more clingy than before, I was shocked, the use of the effect really let a person can not stand ah. I didn't expect this little toy to be so powerful

Yao Yao 55
Function size

Function size can be adjusted at will, slippery, use effect really let a person stand. Soft will not hurt the private place, with very effective, this thing is very strong, this effect is really wonderful, the use of the effect really let me can not stand, the quality is very good, the size is very satisfied, too satisfied, too comfortable, quality leverage, not easy to use is impossible.

Xie Yao 44
release myself

Release your own lucky needs. The body is your own, no shame. This feeling is used to feel a strong feeling, play up a lot of patterns, the effect of the bar drop, the use of the effect really let people can not stand ah. It can take a long time, and it is much more comfortable than using your hand. It can always stimulate and continuously exercise your sensitivity

Alexia Setlla
Bought this

After buying this, daughter-in-law is to want to use every day, more active cost-effective absolute master feeling is very good, detail aspect is very true

Alice Gloria
Full of electricity

Full charge I directly tried the next can use about 3 times of the endurance is very good, the head still has a little rebound, turned the footprint rebound back soft pretty comfortable, the design is very intimate with a small screen display, the whole person is sweating, was found will not feel very embarrassed, very practical.

Alexia Isabel
hardly any

Almost no sound, play up pattern too satisfied effect really great, size is I like, small not big, stuffed in body reaction super strong material safety feel the movie inside Japanese treatment that feeling really comfortable into the body feel very real can replace the man mute effect is very good waterproof also strong, size is very satisfied with it.

Alexia Joanna
Put it in

Put in to meet, the packaging is quite tight ah, I remove the express, the operation is very convenient, suitable for my kind of cabbage, the night secretly play very exciting to use a experience is good to use, to solve the personal physiological problems

Alice Violet
The appearance level is also very good

Appearance level is also very high, put in my piles of toys or like to use this, first of all, the material is soft and then shock and beat is really cool, use the effect really let a person can not stand ah. The size is appropriate, stuffed in a full sense of fulfillment, with my movie, play, absolutely, immersive, the size is just right, direct water, the use of the effect of people can not stand!.

Alexia Louise
The appearance level is true

Appearance level is really no words, the strength is also very strong, the frequency size can be adjusted according to the effect is very subtle and great! Feel perfect and impeccable, no sensitive words, bursts of block feeling constantly, put in soon to have a feeling, the use of the effect really let a person can not stand ah. The function is very powerful, with this stick every time let me very satisfied, very feeling!.