Adam & Eve Eve's Thumping Love Button

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Key Features

7 Intense Thumping Speeds

Let you ramp up to a wild rhythm that is sure to take you right over the edge.

Flexible Handle

gives you easy access to the Light Emitting Diode LED control button, so you can turn up the thump age in any position.

Vibration Level Adjustment

Intense Vibration

USB Rechargable

100% Waterproof

Body Safe Material

Soft & Ergonomic


  • Materials: Body-safe silicone
  • Dimension: 2.25 x 1 x 9.75 in
  • Weight: 1 lb.
  • Waterproof: Yes

Customer Reviews

Based on 100 reviews
Alexia Suzanne
The best toy man !!!!!

I love everything about this toy , 10/10!!!!! The different modes and vibrations is 10000% !!! Highly recommend

Beatrice Megan
Yee be tiny but mighty

Idk what hit my fiancee harder. The earthquake today or finishing her off w the toy ??

Tammy baker80
Worth it

Fast shipping! It's very flexible not to loud and gets the job done.

Rain Smith82
Very impressive for the size and price especially

Very powerful vibration and can really get the job done quickly

Beatrice Vanessa
Fun little toy

This is a nice toy, soft with a flexible head that makes it easy to apply just the right amount of pressure to sensitive parts. So much fun!

Beatrice Janet
Small but strong

Small, but powerfully, this little vibrater has a very flexible head that makes getting the "right spot easier....

chad albritton220
Easy to use and works well!

Small handy toy that works exactly like you hope it would. Handy to have in your arsenal to enjoy with your partner.

Alexia Letitia

I didn't know what to expect but even then my expectations were beyond met. This thing is powerful, quiet, & amazing. It charges up real fast. It feels incredible. Super easy to clean. You need this for yourself.

Alexia Merry
I wasn't sure what to expect ... But I'm very satisfied!

Let's be honest, at a certain age things can change for us experienced, and wise women. Our needs change, and it can be difficult to finish, or arrive.
I'm lucky to be married to a man who has known where the spot from the start. Sometimes I just want to handle things on my own. This toy, is amazing. It's super soft, it feels like a real finger. You can use to explore, a and open you up. It feels Devine. The modes took me by surprise, and stole my breath away. Internally, this thing simply blew my mind. It's super flexible, I can't explain why this is so Important, but it is. I believe in leaving honest reviews since they are here to help people make informed decisions. It comes with an charger, is easy to clean, packed discretely, and comes with a little bag. (I think, I bought two different toys so I can't remember)

Beatrice Elva
Quiet & perfect power!

First off, my #1 thing I love, is the fact that it is rechargeable. I hate toys that require batteries. This toy has a long battery life! #2. ITS SO MUCH QUIETER THAN ANY OTHER TOY IVE HAD. Also, I love how it is flexible. You can hit a lot more spots, if you know what I'm saying. ?? . It's also got the perfect amount of power for me. I hate toys that have too much power to the point where it doesn't even feel good. But you never have to worry with this toy. Honestly, this is something you definitely need to have.