LOVENSE Nora Rabbit Vibrator + App Control

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Key Features

Rabbit Vibrator

LOVENSE Nora is a Bluetooth pink rabbit vibrator with a wave-shaped shaft and rotating head which perfectly rub against the sweet spot. The vibrating arm is flexible, slightly curved, and accurately hits right on your clitoris.

Long Distance Play

The Nora rabbit vibrator for women is one of the most iconic teledildonic devices among the sex toys in the market.

Seamless Charging
Long Lasting Battery
Easy to Clean

Vibration Level Adjustment

Intense Vibration

USB Rechargable

100% Waterproof

Body Safe Material

1 Year Warranty


  • Materials: Body-safe materials
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Patterns: Unlimited patterns
  • Using time: Up to 4 hrs
  • Waterproof: IPX6 water-resistant
  • Package includes: 1 x Dolce, 1 x User’s manual, 1 x Charging cable, 1 x Storage bag

Customer Reviews

Based on 48 reviews
Daisy Denise
Not bad

Not bad, it's quite useful, quack quack quack

Mabel Edith
have long had a high regard for sb.

I have been admiring it for a long time. I decided to start with it. After using it, I felt very bad. It was genuine. The express delivery was also very awesome. It really deserved the name. The color felt good. The packaging was also very generous. It was also a good choice to send people away. The quality was very good. The delivery was also very fast. A very favorite store. I would like to recommend it to my friends. It was genuine and easy to use. The price was much cheaper. The performance price ratio was very high. It was really cost-effective. The packaging was also very high-end and elegant. It was worth buying a very good purchase platform. The quality was good, especially for those with brands. It was trustworthy, particularly satisfactory, super beautiful, and customer service was very good Polite, very polite, conscientious businessmen, support! I really like it. It completely exceeded my expectations, and the delivery speed was very fast. The packaging was very careful and tight, and the delivery speed was very fast. I was very satisfied with this shopping experience. The packaging was exquisite, and the workmanship of the product was quite fine. The merchant was particularly good, and any problems were dealt with in a timely manner. It was indeed a very satisfactory online shopping experience, and the full price was very beautiful. The product is still good, and I will continue to repurchase it! All five points! Naisi Naisi~Very good, the baby is very tall and of good quality, giving people a sense of luxury, and the price is also reasonable. This online shopping was very enjoyable, and I praised the fast delivery, strict packaging, very good product quality, much cheaper than the counter. The customer service attitude was also very good, and I praised the fast delivery, strict packaging, very good product quality, much cheaper than the counter. The customer service attitude was also very good, and I praised the authentic store, so I can buy with confidence. The customer service attitude was also very good

Thomas Twenty-One
Since it's my first time playing, I don't know how to press buttons

As it was my first time playing and I didn't know how to press buttons, I accidentally opened the strongest one. The excitement will come up soon, and the cake will be damp every minute. It's very comfortable to use. Recommended!

Elizabeth Twenty-Two
Baby received it

Baby received it. After cleaning, I used it the same night. When using it, I applied some lubricating oil and felt it smooth and soft. The size was just right, and it was very comfortable to play with

Mabel Cecilia
A pretty useful little toy

A very useful little toy that can add a little bit of fun between couples. It has a strong sense of vibration and many modes, but this one doesn't seem to be extendable. Charging is also quite convenient, it is magnetic suction charging.

Jacqueline Constance
Stick and stick things are cheap and of good quality

Bang Bang Bang things are cheap and of good quality, both good and affordable. You can buy them with confidence and have fun using them. You feel addicted to buying them, and you can't stop buying them. There are many types of things and they are very comprehensive, cost-effective, convenient, and affordable. The packaging is good and there is no damage, and it will continue to be supported. The service is also super good, with good reviews. Come back next time.

Mabel Cara
I finally experienced a joy that I had never experienced before

I finally experienced the joy that I had never experienced before. It's so comfortable and refreshing to suck on the beans, and the sensation of stimulating the G-spot is really ethereal. It's the first time I've felt so refreshing, and I've never felt it before. It turns out that the feeling of strong shock is so wonderful, and it's a very happy sense of satisfaction. Now it makes me rejuvenated, and my acne on my face has decreased a lot

Mabel Elsa
Rarely evaluated

Rarely evaluated, there is no need to worry about what the courier sees inside when shipping, confidentiality�� As soon as it arrived, I was charged and couldn't wait to use it anymore. To be honest, it's easier to use than a real person. Personally, I don't easily get taller, but after using it for a while, it quickly gets taller. It's really amazing. Suddenly, I was worried about studying this kind of artifact and how men can live ??�� Finally, especially when using that * * liquid, it feels very comfortable and stimulating. The effect of using it is really unbearable

Mabel Hedda
Easy to use

Easy to use, very useful, very satisfied, well packaged, soft and comfortable to the touch.

Henry Fifty
A small one won't enlarge the private parts

It's so comfortable to play with this stick while watching the small video, as it won't enlarge the private parts. It's so comfortable to pat while entering the body