Contempo Bare Rider Thin Condom Pack - Pack of 3

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Key Features

Thinner latex for improved sensation and a flared head for ultimate comfort

Ultimate comfort made from premium-quality latex

Super sensitive feel, almost like wearing nothing at all

Extra thin, lubricated, and made out of latex


Contempo Bareback Condoms 3 Pack. Like wearing nothing at all. Bareback is for those who want to feel as if they're using nothing at all but still get all the reliable protection necessary from a condom.

Extra Thin, Lubricated, and made out of Latex. For those who fancy riding without a saddle, Bareback condoms provide a super-sensitive feel, almost like wearing nothing at all.

They're very thin, very light, yet very strong. Always follow the instructions inside the package for maximum protection. Bareback condoms contain natural rubber latex. It feels like going in Bareback! With a reservoir end. 1 - 3 pack. 3 latex condoms.

A condom is a barrier device most commonly used during sexual intercourse to reduce the probability of pregnancy and spreading sexually transmitted diseases, STDs such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and HIV. It is put on a man's erect penis and physically blocks ejaculated semen from entering the body of a sexual partner.

Safe sex practice, birth control, disease prevention, pregnancy prevent. Sexual wellness. Always practice safe sex.


Essential Info

  • Features: Lubricated, Extra thin
  • Form: Condom
  • Material: Latex
  • Quantity: 3 ct

Customer Reviews

Based on 86 reviews
Alexia Veronica

The condoms are great. I suggest buying from "Chubby Dick Emporium". It lives up to its name. True extra strength. It survived an hour and a half with me. It took no feeling away at all. Even with its slight thickness. Great product. Will be buying more

Alexia Moira
Good time

Fits good for fun times. She was surprised and happy. Thank you

Alice Olivia
So worth buying these 5 stars and higher...

These condoms Fit Normal witch is a huge + For me i find condom's don't all ways fit a normal willy ether there to big in areas and to tight in others.. This one fits the way a condom Should... They are tough enough for all activities, Anal and vaginal witch again is a huge + I have been using condoms for years and when it comes to anal I am forced to double up as condoms tend to brake. These condoms Do not brake I have only tested out 4 of them so far since I got them and out of the package 4 did not brake. They held up stayed put and worked they way a condom should.. I highly recommend this product if your looking for a normal. fitting condom with a tough ability to handle the no pun intended pounding.. They feel grate you know you have a condom on but also it allows you to still enjoy the activity.. And for the price and QT its a huge

Beatrice Caroline
For those other nights lol

Every body wants a thin condom or to feel more ... Yess absolutely.. but if your with some strange or first night with sombody new you been talking to .. might want something a little more durable for safety these days and these are it ! OR you want something thats not going to break while being rough, deep or anal or maybe she not as wet. I feel these are a safe choice and good fitment. life style doesn't make anything extra thick so don't worry these are nothing like Trojan blue box those are freaking stupid thick. These prolong your orgasm Ina good way for being less sensitive so you can really give it to her but not have to worry about it breaking and still can feel her, she'll climax before you do. So fellas it's something you want to add to your condom stash every man should have few options of condoms in the room not just one kind.. Since I'm single now I'll hold off on my thin ones until I keep doing the same girl or if I want to feel a particular one ,I have plenty other choices in thin condoms but these are my new go to for the strange and I like them. Rolls on good ,durable, Low sent, lubricated butt tuff. Almost fits the whole shaft but not worried about that part nothing bad gona happen there lol. The width is tolerable. Trojan ribs yellow box and These are by far the best drunk condom and safest. But I've converted back to life style over trojan and will stick to these in all styles. Life style Ribs are my next purchase

Beatrice Victoria
?Did not break

Finally found a condom that did not break and felt fairly natural. I would recommend and I will buy again.

Ian Xiao
Haven't had a baby yet!

Definitely helps but also just a very good value.

Alexia Nydia
Prolonging the Duration and De-sensitivity

I normally prefer a thin and sensitive condom, but for those times when you want to prolong and optimize the maximum duration, a thick, strong, and durable condom will come in handy.

Izzie Cen
Feels great

Love these. They feel so good

Alex more than
They don't rip like the other horrible condoms out there

Use these! They don't rip like the other horrible condoms out there! Protect yourself, have safe sex, and only propagate when you are responsible!

Alexia Maxine
These are great

Worked perfectly make you last for a while