Trojan Extended Pleasure Condoms - Box of 12

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Key Features

Prolong sexual pleasure & performance

Prevent premature ejaculation

Help you last longer so the pleasure does

Help prevent premature ejaculation and provide greater staying power


TROJAN Extended Pleasure Condoms with Climax Control Lubricant help to control climax for heightened pleasure during intercourse.

The clear Climax Control Lubricant has a special additive (Benzocaine) to help prevent premature ejaculation and provide longer lasting sensations. This makes for a more passionate experience for both partners.

They’re made from a premium quality latex and are electronically tested to help ensure reliability. These condoms reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) while you play.

For extra safety, there is a special reservoir end. Includes one 12 count box of TROJAN Extended Pleasure Condoms with Climax Control Lubricant.

TROJAN Brand condoms are America's #1 condom, trusted for over 100 years. The TROJAN Brand promotes a safe, healthy, and fun sex life. From condoms to vibrators to lubricants, TROJAN Brand is dedicated to delivering innovative, high-quality products that offer pleasure and protection.

  • HSA/FSA eligible
  • Made with premium latex: The condoms are made with premium latex that is thin and strong. This provides a comfortable and pleasurable experience for both partners.
  • Lubricated for comfort: The condoms are lubricated with a silky-smooth lubricant that helps to reduce friction and increase comfort.
  • Sealed for freshness: The condoms are sealed in individual packets to ensure freshness and prevent damage.
  • Electronically tested: The condoms are electronically tested to help ensure quality and reliability.


Essential Info

  • Features: Lubricated
  • Form: Condoms
  • Material: Latex
  • Quantity: 12 ct

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Daisy Cara
The quality is very good

The quality is very good, the lubricated body is very comfortable to use, and the logistics are fast. I bought the right one

Mabel Genevieve
Truly powerful

Sincerity is very powerful. It's okay, with a lot of lubrication on the surface of the body, it's also smooth and very good to wear! I have used it several times, and both of them are very happy. The feeling of the lubricated body scraping is very strong. She really likes the lubricating body cover, which has a strong and long-lasting delay. When playing, I will definitely use this cover, which is very satisfying. I really can't stop, I can always play for a long time. Baby awesome until purchase

Silas horse
I strongly recommend this brand for everyone looking for high-quality products

I strongly recommend this brand to all consumers looking for high quality, practicality, and comfort. If you are looking for a trustworthy brand, then Okamoto is definitely worth considering. At the same time, I also hope that Okamoto can continue to maintain this excellent product quality and design style, and bring more high-quality products to consumers.

Simeon Xue
My evaluation of this condom is average

My evaluation of this condom is average. Although it has certain advantages in terms of protection, its excessive thickness makes it uncomfortable to wear. It is recommended that manufacturers consider adjusting the thickness to provide a better wearing experience. For users who place more emphasis on protection, I still recommend using this condom.

Kama Camille
Affordable and affordable price

The price is cheap and affordable, the style is trendy and fashionable, the workmanship is exquisite and unique, the size is suitable, it is very comfortable to wear, and it feels pretty. I really like it. It looks very high-end, like it, it was a very satisfying shopping experience.

Sigmund Xiao
The quality of the product is excellent

The quality of the product is excellent. During use, I found it to be very durable and able to maintain good performance even in frequent use. For someone like me who frequently needs to use products, this is undoubtedly a great advantage.

Silvester Willow
Although the thickness is thicker

Despite its thickness, the advantages of this condom are also evident. Firstly, it can provide better protection and reduce the risk of unintended pregnancy. Secondly, thickness also means it is more durable and can maintain good condition even in frequent use.

Sidney element
The quality of this condom is also very excellent

The quality of this condom is also very excellent. It has good elasticity and tensile resistance, which can fit the body well and prevent the condom from slipping or breaking. This makes me feel very reassured, knowing that my sexual behavior can be well protected.

Daisy Daphne
Very good quality

The quality is very good, it is authentic. Coconut, cheese, sauce flavored real flowers, and identify with the prestigious academy

Seymour Time
I would like to emphasize that the use of this condom feels very comfortable

I would like to emphasize that the use of this condom feels very comfortable. It uses high-quality materials, making the condom very soft and feels very natural when in contact with the skin. During use, I did not feel any discomfort or friction, which made me feel more confident and comfortable during sexual activity.