Pjur Basic Water Based Lubricant - 100 ml Bottle

45 reviews

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Key Features

Provide long-lasting personal lubrication

Non-greasy and made without oil, perfume or added flavors

Suitable for erotic toys

Premium ingredients at an unbeatable price


Basic Water is an economical choice for a quality water-based personal lubricant made with quality ingredients.

This less expensive personal lubricant is hypoallergenic, latex condom safe, and ideal for daily use.

Medical grade ingredients and the unique formula makes it a very affordable gentle water-based personal lubricant. The economical choice: priced for less, quality ingredients and latex condom safe.

An economical water-based personal lubricant that provides superior lubrication Its gentle and high-grade long-lasting formulation is fully absorbed by the skin leaving an exquisite silky feeling.

  • Pjur Basic Water Based Lubricant 100ml
  • Water Based
  • Condom Compatible
  • Premium ingredients at an unbeatable price
  • Unisex


Essential Info

  • Lubricant Features: Condom-safe
  • Lubricant Type: Water-based
  • Volume: 100 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 45 reviews
Kama Bblythe
The more you feel the effect, the more

I feel that the effect is becoming more and more obvious. Now when I apply it, I will have a feeling. This product has a good effect on water, and finally makes me no longer indifferent. It is colorless and odorless, and has no side effects on the human body. It is very convenient to use

Daisy Coral
I also thought of it myself

I also thought this one was so user-friendly, and it is indeed quite comfortable to use. It is not greasy or has no odor. I haven't experienced this stimulating feeling for a long time.

Mabel Delia
Used for aftereffect

After using it, the effect was quite good, significantly relieving dry and astringent symptoms without any odor. I bought this to assist, and it felt quite good. I quickly reacted, feeling much better than when I usually do it, and the blockiness has increased. Now I'm back to when I first got married.

Jacqueline Caroline
Raw material composition check

After checking the ingredients, they were found to be safe and harmless, refreshing and smooth. I bought them from WeChat on my phone before, and they were very cheap. However, they are really incomparable to this. The effect and user experience are really amazing, very good

Daisy Bridget
Baby received it

Baby received, the quality is good and useful, worth purchasing

Kama Blanche
Sincerely useful

A truly useful lubricating oil, I am particularly satisfied. People with allergies like me are completely fine. It's really rare to find a suitable one for themselves. You get what you pay for, the texture is very refreshing, long-lasting, and healthy and safe

Mabel Celeste
Used for a while

After using it for a while, it turned out that I was just dealing with my husband and didn't have a lot of married life. After using it for a while, the effect was particularly noticeable, and the number of times I needed it increased compared to before. It wasn't very astringent to use, and I was very satisfied with playing with it. It was easy to clean, and I was very satisfied with the product

Mabel Geraldine
Specially used

I only evaluated it after using it specifically, and I really like the ones imported from Germany. The lubricant is very useful, and when I put in a little bit of it, it will crack until it reaches the bottom. It has a lump like texture that I never had before, and the moisturizing time is very long

Daisy Crystal
This German entry

Compared to the US Department of Agriculture and domestic counterparts, this German imported lubricant has much better effects, longer lubrication and moisturizing time, is more natural and skin friendly, has a good texture and is non greasy. The product is stunning, and we hope to maintain it consistently

Mabel Cora
Compared to water after use

After using it, it was even more than water, and I even mocked it once. It's really amazing. It's been a long time since I felt so full. The effect of use is unbearable. Life is harmonious now, and everything we do is happy.