Skins Excite Water Based Lubricant - 5 ml Foil

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Key Features

Stimulate arousal taking you to new levels of pleasure and stimulation

Can be reactivated with just a few drops of water to last as long as you do

Aiming to enhance your intimate moments

Excels during masturbation and sexual activity


Skins Excite, has all the fun and goodness of Skins Aqua lube but with added zing. Featuring LArginine it increases blood flow to the area where the lube is.

This heightens sensation for women and leads to a firmer feeling erection for men. Packed full of natural ingredients to make you tingle in all the right places.

We took the Skins Aqua formula and added the libido-boosting properties of red clover and ginkgo biloba. The result, a tantalisingly tingling lube to stimulate arousal and take you to new heights.

Passion & pleasure together! Water-based. Crystal clear. Condom compatible. Tingling feel. New ReAquav8 Technology - all Skins water-based lubricants have the ability to reactivate themselves with just a few drops of water. So, you can enjoy natural feeling, silky smooth sex for longer. Also available in a convenient and discreet 5ml foil for impromptu heat of the moment occasions and fun on the go!Skins Excite Water based Lubricant:

  • 5 ml Foil
  • With natural ingredients


Essential Info

  • Lubricant Features: Condom-safe
  • Lubricant Type: Water-based
  • Volume: 5 ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Quentin Xiao789
Liquid is transparent

The liquid is transparent and is a very good lubricating oil. Nowadays, I use this lubricating oil every time I go to open a house, and it is really comfortable to use. It is much more comfortable than the ones I used before. Now, every time I use this lubricating oil, I only need to use a little and it can be directly lubricated until I finish. It is very good and safe.

Daisy Dinah
Always dry and itchy below

I always feel dry and itchy below, which is probably caused by my lack of attention to personal care. I wake up every night with itching, and the more I scratch, the more itchy I become. I had no choice but to try it out and bought this online. Unexpectedly, the effect was surprisingly good. It was very comfortable and smooth to apply, clear and non sticky, just like liquid, and there was no irritation to inflammation

Kama Carol
Now this lubricating oil perfectly solves the problem of dryness and astringency

Now this lubricating oil perfectly solves the problem of dryness, there is no need to worry about dryness midway. It can be lubricated for a long time each time, and after being applied, it can come in directly without cleaning. I recommend buying it many times and the packaging is very tight. ??

Jacqueline Coral
The effect is very good

The effect is very good, and the packaging is also very good. I have used it a few times and it feels great. It is worth recommending,

Kama Charlotte
The effect is getting better and better

The effect is getting better and better. Every time I use a little, I feel hot, and the impulse to want is very strong. The next is itchy, and the desire is very strong. I have used it several times in succession, which is very awesome! I can't do without it now. The pleasure is super fast, and it feels very exciting to play

Peyton Time123
The effect is really special and useful

The effect is really very useful. After using it, it really improved a lot. Before I used it, it was really dry and astringent. Now I feel much better after using it. It's also very comfortable to have sex with, and it doesn't need to be cleaned. I usually just wipe it with a wet tissue after using it, which is very simple. I recommend it to everyone

Mabel Hannah
The effect is good

The effect is good. After playing for almost half of the night, it still feels so slippery. I feel like I want to do it again, haha. It feels great to play and I really like it

Mabel Gloria
Absorbs quickly and cleanly

It absorbs quickly and cleanly, and I didn't expect this lubricating oil to be so smooth when playing with it. After each use, it can go straight in

Mabel Gustave
The effect is quite good, isn't it

The effect is quite good. The packaging is quite tight, which gives me a good impression. I always purchase from this store when needed, which is affordable and cost-effective. Durable condoms are much better than other tts. It is indeed a great tt. Recommended set, deserving of its reputation. It is indeed highly recommended. The baby is very good, I tried it out right after buying it, and it really has some effect! That's so exciting! The most important thing is, I think such a good thing is really worth recommending! Brothers who like it can give it a try. This delay block feeling TT is better than other brands of TT that I have used before. The brand should be okay, right

Mabel Eden

The effect is really good. For example, after giving birth, for the first time, or for sexual frigidity, or for playing other less exciting activities, you can use this lubricant without any side effects. It is worth recommending! After using this lubricating oil, there is still no need to clean it. After playing, you can go to sleep directly. It's using this transparent liquid. It is very safe to use this.